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Valda Developments was established as a result of the joint venture between Akoya Developments & New Avenue. Thus merging the experiences of both ends of the spectrum in the real estate market by utilizing the real estate consultancy expertise of New Avenue and the development proficiency of Akoya Developments to launch Valda Developments with over 168,000 sqm of residential properties and 51,000 sqm of commercial properties.

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Valda Developments is proudly launching at Mountain View I-city

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A vision that defies expectations

Rove Commercial Strip mall offers excellent food in sophisticated yet comfortable settings, perfect for a relaxing lunch or dinner after a day of shopping.

A new trend is driven by today’s ever-changing retail landscape with an unexpected modern twist offering a unique experiential visit.

Exceptional external facade & lush landscaping make Rove an exquisite hub to shop, dine, play & socialize.

Rove architects worked to create an aesthetic appeal on all four sides of the strip, as well as to encourage different ways of moving in and around the structure.

Redefining design with a modern twist, the strip mall offers multiple immersive experiences to the visitors while illuminating the brand’s spirit in a unique style